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La Blue Servizi S.r.l. è una società di consulenza e progettazione, attraverso il Self Service, degli sportelli bancari e della Pubblica Amministrazione.
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Privacy Policy


This section shows the ways in which the personal data of users who visit this site will be managed.
It deals with information that is also provided in art.13 and 14 of the 2016/679 regulation (EU) to those who interact with the web services supplied by BlueServizi S.r.l. that are accessible electronically from This document also considers the recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities have adopted to protect personal data, so as to comply with the minimum requirements for the processing of personal data online.
The information is only provided on the website and not for any other third party websites consulted by the user through the links. The data controller is Blue Servizi S.r.l. with its registered office in Rome, via Cicerone 49 – 00193


Blueservizi S.r.l. has nominated a “Data Protection Officer (DPO)” inside the organization, in compliance with article 37 of the EU regulation 2016/679.
The Data Protection Officer is a new figure whose role is that of monitoring the compliance of the regulation, by evaluating the risks for the interested parties (customers, potential clients, employees, suppliers) for every type of personal data processed by BlueServizi S.r.l. He/she provides support to BlueServizi S.r.l. to inform employees about the obligations deriving from the regulation and from other provisions in data protection.
Furthermore, he/she shall co-operate with the guarantor for personal data protection and is the main contact for BlueServizi S.r.l. for any issue regarding the processing of personal data.
If you wish to contact the DPO for any issue relating to the management of your personal data and/or exercise the rights foreseen by the regulation, you can contact us at: BlueServizi S.r.l. Via Cicerone 49 – 00193 – ROME. Email:__________________


The data handling operations connected to this site’s web services are only dealt with by the technical staff of the delegated service for the treatment. No data deriving from the web service will be communicated or diffused. The personal data provided by users, who request the shipping of informative materials, are only used for the purpose of carrying out the service or operation requested and are only communicated to third parties when deemed necessary.


Right of access
You can obtain the confirmation of whether your data is being handled or not from BlueServizi S.r.l. and, as such, you can get access to personal data and to the information, as foreseen by art 15 of the regulation, such as, the purpose of the processing, the categories of the personal data managed, etc.

Whenever personal data is transferred to another country or to an international organization, you have the right to be informed about the existence of the appropriate guarantees relating to this transfer.
If requested, BlueServizi S.r.l. can provide you with a copy of the personal data subjected to the processing.
For any further copies, BlueServizi S.r.l. shall charge you a fee that is deemed suitable to cover administrative costs. If the request is presented electronically, and, unless otherwise indicated, the information will be provided by BlueServizi S.r.l. in electronic format in common use.

Right of rectification
You will be able to obtain the rectification of your personal data from BlueServizi S.r.l. if you believe they are inaccurate, or, if in line with the purpose of the processing, an integration on them, should they be incomplete, by providing an additional declaration.

Right of removal
You can have your personal data removed by the owner, should there exist a reason foreseen by art. 17, such as, when personal data isn’t required anymore for the purpose they were collected and processed for, or, when the consent that the processing is based on, has been revoked by you, and there is no other valid legal basis for its management.
We inform you that BlueServizi S.r.l. can’t proceed with the removal of your personal data: if there is the necessity to handle them to fulfill a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or to ascertain, exercise and defend a right in the court of law.

Restriction right of the processing
You can obtain the restriction on the personal data managed when one of the hypotheses from art. 18 of the regulation is envisaged, for instance : a dispute on your behalf regarding the exactness of the personal data handled or whenever your personal data is required to ascertain, exercise and defend a right in the court of law, even if, BlueServizi S.r.l. doesn’t require them anymore for the purpose of the treatment.

Right of data portability
If the handling of your personal data is based on the consent to execute contracts or pre-contractual measures and the handling is carried out via automated means, you can:
– ask to receive the personal data provided by you in a structured format, of common use, and readable on an automatic device (e.g. computer and/or tablet);
– Transmit the personal data received from you to another data controller without any impediments from BlueServizi S.r.l.
In addition, you will be able to ask BlueServizi to transfer your personal data directly to another data controller indicated by you, should this be technically feasible. In this case, you will need to provide us with all the exact details of the new data controller you intend to transfer your personal data to, by providing us with appropriate written approval.

Right to object
You can object to the management of your personal data at any moment, whenever the processing is carried out for the execution of an activity of public interest or for the pursuit of an owner’s legitimate interest (including profiling activities). Should you decide to exercise this right to object, BlueServizi S.r.l. shall abstain from handling your personal data further, unless there are legitimate reasons to proceed with the management (reasons prevailing on interests, rights and freedoms) or the processing is required to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in a court of law.

Automated decision-making process relating to individuals, including profiling
In the presence of creditworthiness requirements and for certain threshold amounts, BlueServizi S.r.l. shall carry out automated decision-making processes, among which, the issuance of a credit card as well as requests for personal and purpose loans, by providing, in such cases, more details of the specified information and acquiring, to that end, explicit consent.
For the interested party, the regulation envisages the right not to be subjected to a decision based only on an automated management of your personal data, including profiling, which might result in affecting you legally or significantly, unless the aforementioned decision:
– a) is needed for the conclusion and execution of a contract between you and BlueServizi S.r.l.; – b) is authorized by Italian and European law;
– c) is based on your explicit consent.
In the cases referred to in letters a) and c), BlueServizi S.r.l. shall implement appropriate measures to protect your rights, liberties and legitimate interests and you will be able to exercise your right to obtain human intervention from BlueServizi S.r.l., express your opinion or challenge the decision.

Right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority
Without prejudice to your right to appeal to any other administrative or judicial office, if you feel that the management of your personal data by the owner has violated the regulation and/or applicable law, you will be able to lodge a complaint to the competent Data Protection Authority.
For all queries relating to the handling of your personal data and/or to exercise your rights provided by the regulation, you can contact:
BlueServizi S.r.l. Via Cicerone 49 – 00193 – ROME

Email: _______________________