Blue Servizi S.r.l.
Blue Servizi nasce dalla ventennale esperienza del suo Presidente e dalla passione dei suoi collaboratori, configurandosi come una società di consulenza e progettazione, dedicata all’automazione e all’archiviazione e analisi dei dati attraverso tecnologie all’avanguardia. Dispone di una sede centrale a Roma ed una a Lecce, attraverso le quali garantisce una varietà di soluzioni e servizi su scala nazionale.
Blue Servizi S.r.l.
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I began this new adventure in the belief that giving continuity to the work I carried out over the years was the best solution to support and help our clients on the path to evolution.
Blue Servizi can count on an organization of Senior profiles, the use of high-tech tools and the fulfilment of all I.T. requirements.
Our mission is to understand and satisfy clients’ needs by offering flexible and innovative ICT solutions with cutting edge technologies and doing it with passion, reliability and skill.
The values are the foundations that the company is built on. They are the inspiration which makes us move and the assurance that we offer. We are always committed to keeping them alive to create a perfect balance between the customers’ needs and the solutions we provide them with.

Damiano Lucio Solida

Blue Servizi was set up from the twenty-year experience of its president as well as the passion of its collaborators, and has shaped itself up as a consultancy and design company dedicated to the automation, storage and analysis of data through cutting edge technologies.

It has a headquarter in Rome and another in Lecce through which it can guarantee a variety of solutions and services on a national scale.


NCR security solutions

ATM CASH IN/OUT solutions

Interactive kiosks

Interactive Teller solutions

Innovative database architecture, Big data management

Providing solutions and data analyses to clients

Marketing, hardware and software support

Distinctive contribution in the Public Administration context.

Soluzioni e Servizi

Blue Servizi guarantees a variety of solutions

and services nationwide.

Our partners