Chi siamo - Blue Servizi S.r.l.
La Blue Servizi S.r.l. è una società di consulenza e progettazione, attraverso il Self Service, degli sportelli bancari e della Pubblica Amministrazione.
Blue Servizi S.r.l.
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Who we are

Blue Servizi is an innovative and technological consultancy company and is the leader in the field of automation and data storage.

We offer ourselves to large public and private companies, banks and Public Administrations as a partner capable of giving advanced solutions in self-service banking, data warehousing and big data management.

Thanks largely to our propensity to problem solve and the trustworthy relationship with our clients, Blue Servizi is known on the Italian market as a company that can accompany the enterprise towards the fulfilment of their goals.

We bring team expertise and experience made up of engineers and highly specialized engineers and technicians.

Our values

Blue Servizi home3rit


Our mission is to design and create technological architectures that can steer and accompany company business models towards a path of evolution in the markets of reference.

We provide innovation and highly specialized know-how by offering top quality professional services in the Information Technology sector.


We believe that the evolution in technology is becoming increasingly strategic and indispensable for today’s companies, thus we strive to transform the potential of technologies into opportunities for our clients via the continuous evolution of infrastructures, processes and business models.

Responding effectively to the needs of modernization and security allows us to be the partner of reference for organizations that want to innovate and grow.



Damiano Lucio Solida

President of the Board of Directors

Valerio Tassinari Solida


Luca Tassinari Solida

General Manager and advisor to the Board of Directors

Federica Greco

Executive Assistant

The team

Blue Servizi consists of I.T. professionals who work in tandem and give their utmost in defining and designing customized solutions with the goal of satisfying the client’s needs in the best way possible.

Thanks to their solid experience in the sector, the Blue Servizi specialists are capable of envisaging and creating solutions of excellence to fulfill the client’s needs, from the design stage to the consultancy one, as well as giving technical-specialist support.

  • Consultancy for I.T. solutions and applications;
  • Planning of installation activities of systems;
  • Implementation of technological equipment and infrastructures (hardware and software);
  • Specialized post-installation assistance.

Federico Poli

Head of sales office and Account manager

Fulvio Civile

Account Manager

Marco Barillari

Account Manager

Fabrizio Miluzzi

Customer Service Manager

Ginevra Scipioni

Sales and marketing assistant

Giancarlo Caiaffa

Legal Office Manager

Sara Guantini

Head of the accounting office

Silvia Solida


Caterina Beatrice